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Phone Consultation Appointment

Best Astrologers India

( Recommended for people staying outside Pune / Out of India )



§     Phone consultation option is here so that people even being at far away places, can still consult Abhay Godse regarding their questions. Know more About Abhay Godse

§     Many people including NRI’s go for Phone consultation, read the Testimonials to know what clients want to say about him. Abhay Godse is one of the Famous astrologers in India



How to take a Phone Consultation Appointment?



Step 1.     Send your Birth details & Questions with detail description by email,  View Sample questions , Questions should be in this format

Step 2.     Our Assistant will approve the Questions & will send you the Fees payment link by email. Fees details & Payment options are given below.

Step 3.     Once you will pay the fees, Available Date & time slots for Phone consultation will be given to you by email.

Step 4.     Once the appointment gets confirmed, then, you can call at the time of appointment & can discuss things with Abhay Godse. Number to call will be provided to you by email.

I would like to appreciate that Abhay Godse is a very Professional astrologer in today's world. His predictions are quite correct and further the way he explains the same. It is my personal experience.


I have never seen before such a wonderful way of explaining the difficult situations and advising the best possible solutions. I am not afraid of any bad news or any bad times. It would be certainly better if well experienced astrologers like Abhay Godse advise you so that you get mentally prepared to face the difficult situations.


Rameshwar Goge, M.Tech., Canada


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Details to send for Phone Consultation Appointment..



·       Your questions with detail description are expected. View Sample questions , Questions should be in this format.

·       Questions sent in advance only will be answered at the time of Phone consultation appointment.

·       Consultation Language : English or Marathi

·       Parents can’t consult for their children about 18 yrs.

·       Boy/Girls above 18 yrs have to consult on their own.

·       No Match making


Send all the Following details and your questions at info@kpjyotish.com ( No Attachments ) for Phone Consultation Appointment with Abhay Godse. Questions with detail description are expected. View Sample questions



Name (First name & last name)


Birth Date ( dd/mmm/yyyy) for example, 21st Jan 1978


Birth Time 

Ø     Birth time should be correct one.  Approx. birth time is of no use.

Ø     Birth time makes lot of difference in predictions, so, Check the birth time before sending the mail.

Ø     Also mention A.M. / P.M.

Ø     If birth is in the midnight or early morning, give me the date changed after midnight (12 in the midnight)


Birth Place

Ø     If the birth place is a small village then, along with the birth place, also mention the nearest big city to that place. If birth place is Mumbai, pl mention the exact place like dadar, mulund etc.


Birth Day (like Monday, Tuesday)


City & Country from where you will be calling at the time of appointment


Mode of payment chosen by you


How you came to know about AbhayGodse.com? if Google – words you typed in Google

9 Consultation Language : English or Marathi
10 Consulting First time Or Already Consulted earlier


If you have a Kundali with you, pls attach the scanned page having Birth details.


Abhay Godse’s Principle


He always tells his true opinion about the horoscope without hesitation because he likes to tell the things as they are irrespective of good or bad points. He believes that an Astrologer should always tell the facts as they are & should always tell what the horoscope is revealing to him.


Some astrologers have a tendency of telling only good points & avoid telling negative points (If any). This is neither beneficial to the astrologer nor to the client. The astrologer should try to maintain the transparency as far as possible.


Know the Facts than Fantasies






Shri. Abhay Godse has taken the ancient knowledge to edge of making his expertise available on the Net. I have been consulting him since last 1 year. I have found his advice very useful. The articles written by him are very apt & encourage the awareness of KP to people at large. I wish him all the best.


Let me put it on records that your work is committed to reducing the worry / anxiety of the people & indirectly promoting their health at large. Keep doing it.


Abhijeet Karandikar,

Chartered Accountant,



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If you are in India If you are out of India


Career & Finance front

(Includes the questions related with Job/Business & Finance)


INR 1100 Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment

USD 40 Per Person / Horoscope

Paypal / Online Payment


Married Life front (Only for those who are already married & facing problems in the married life )

§    Married life Problems, questions about Divorce etc.

§    Problems in understanding between Husband & Wife

§    Accurate birth details of both husband & Wife are required.


INR 1100

Online Payment

USD 40

Paypal / Online Payment


  Health Front


INR 600/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment

USD 25 Per Person / Horoscope

Paypal / Online Payment


1st Marriage or Remarriage to happen & details related with it..

No Match Making


INR 1100/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment

USD 40 Per Person / Horoscope

Paypal / Online Payment


  Only Education Front


INR 950/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment

USD 40 Per Person / Horoscope

Paypal / Online Payment


  Assets / Real Estate / Property front


INR 950/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment

USD 40 Per Person / Horoscope

Paypal / Online Payment

  About having 1st Child,

§    Accurate birth details of both husband & Wife are required.


INR 950

Online Payment

USD 40

Paypal / Online Payment


Payment Options




Office is located at Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Choose any Mode of payment, 

  • Online Payment of Fees. Fees payment link will be sent to you by email.
  • Paypal or Online Payment (only for people out of India)
  • If you are out of INDIA, fees applicable are in USD.

After going to seek advice from Mr. Godse I was very pleased with the guidance I received especially since it was at a very complex and difficult time during my medical school and career.

Mr. Godse always spoke honestly and gave me clarity and hope to move on through my exam hurdles.

I had guidance all along the way and so precise that it helped me confidently pass in the periods he suggested. What I like when I meet with him is he is frank and tells the truth which was not always easy to hear but when it came out correct it gave me the strength to handle it and move on and get to where I am today.

I am definitely a believer and look forward to guidance in my future endeavors. Thank you Mr. Godse.

Dr. Sarita Agte, Chicago, USA


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Abhay Godse is a Professional Astrologer of today's time. His logics on every aspect are not only true at it's own place but very appealing. Continuously updated knowledge, Self discipline, Perseverance, Customer Focus and Value added explanations are most imminent features of his guidance.


Astrological advise is one of the tools in today's world which can not be left unexplored, while an individual is living in competitive world. Knowing is not necessarily believing and believing can always be rationalized time and again. I will recommend everyone who can accept the fact that, if you can't solve the ancient math even today by yourself then you need to accept to respect the knowledge of Sir Krishnamurti several decades ago.


If you can accept " Virtue " in Law of Gravity then you should accept that astrology is also a logically developed subject based on complex Mathematics and hypothesis which can not termed as Non sense in eternity.


Satish Ratnaparkhi, Mumbai


More Testimonials..


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